The Greenbelt Grab isn't about housing — it's a blatant act of corruption, benefiting a select few at the expense of many.

The recent Auditor General's report provides undeniable evidence of what New Democrats have been pushing back against:

While everyday Ontarians grapple with rising costs and challenges, the Conservatives, with the Premier and the Housing Minister at the helm, are busy selling off protected land and siding with well-connected insiders.

    Time and again, the Conservatives have shown their true colors. The invaluable greenspaces and farmlands — some of the highest agricultural qualities in the world — that Ontarians rely on are under grave threat.

    This isn't about housing. Three separate reports, including the Auditor General's, have shown that the Greenbelt land isn't required to meet Ontario's housing needs. Instead, this move only fuels land speculation and deepens the crisis.

    The Greenbelt Grab is a calculated move to enrich wealthy insiders. The report confirms the Premier's direct involvement, indicating that these unethical dealings were orchestrated at the very top.

    This is about trading our cherished green spaces for the financial gain of developers who have generously filled the Conservative coffers.

    We've stood firm against the Conservatives before, defending our Greenbelt. Now, armed with the Auditor General's report, we have the evidence to back our claims.

    We're calling on the Conservatives to:

    1. Immediately recall the Legislature to reverse course and return the lands in question to the Greenbelt
    1. Remove Housing Minister Steve Clark from Cabinet
    1. Not stand in the way of the Integrity Commissioner's investigation

    Join our fight to protect our Greenbelt! Add your name and take action now.

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